Personal Transformation and Societal Wellbeing





Industry Collaboration

Nurish.Me was founded by four entrepreneurs, innovators, and scientists on a mission to improve people’s health with effective dietary supplements. We go above and beyond to help our customers achieve extraordinary wellness. The culmination of our work is a product line of efficacious and safe proprietary formulations that are based on remarkable studies that have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

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Neuroverse is a neurotechnology company dedicated to developing integrative brain interface solutions to unleash the mind. Our company brings together recognized expertise in neuroscience, engineering, mental health, entertainment and education. This integrative approach results in the development of a new class of brain interface that is versatile, wearable, unobtrusive, reliable and easy-to-use. We created your smart brain interface for everyday life!


Facemap Ventures

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence to scale the technique of facemapping (Schneemann System), Facemap Ventures produces highly accurate predictive analysis of human behavior, talent, psychology, physical capability and emotion over a configurable API. Result - increasing production and boosting revenue in any and every industry and vertical. Picture(s) in, Analysis out. That simple.


Jiyo is your personal wellbeing companion. We’re a comprehensive digital platform that lets you engage, learn, and interact with a diverse range of information, articles, videos and reminders that help you be your best self. Our intuitive technology tracks your behavior and then offers insights and suggestions based on your habits. This is true holistic health. This kind of 360-degree wellness covers exercise, meditation, relationships, finances, and finding purpose in the everyday. Jiyo ultimately seeks to honor your unique success parameters.

Jiyo was founded by world renowned physician, best selling author and wellness expert Deepak Chopra, M.D. and Poonacha Machaiah, entrepreneur, technology, and transmedia expert in 2015.