Our Life Is A Dream

“We are asleep. Our life is a dream. But we wake up sometimes, just enough to know that we are dreaming.” ― Ludwig Wittgenstein


I woke up this morning and unlike most mornings had an unusual glimpse into “awareness”. Working with Deepak over the years I have always been exploring the “nature of reality”. But today was special; I downloaded the image above with ease and clarity. I felt that my quest for understanding “awareness” or “consciousness” was lucid and it all seemed to make sense. Therefore, I decided to sketch my thoughts on paper (image above). Note: Consciousness and Awareness are synonyms.

I started unraveling the “I”, starting with my own deep attachment and social conditioning to the “self” or the body.

1. Conscious Human Being

The Conscious Human Being is nothing but a collection of experiences/memories that are aggregated by the ego self and time bound. Therefore, we can say that it is a summation of t=0 to infinity of Sensations, Images, Feelings and Thoughts (SIFT).

2. Other Conscious Being(s)

As Conscious Human Beings we have an infinite number of beings in our awareness i.e. Conscious Butterfly, Bees, Dogs, etc. All these infinite beings are in our plane of awareness for a finite time (t=0 to infinity) having experiences in their own version of SIFT.

3. The Human Universe

The Human Universe is the summation of h=0 to h= infinity experiences, in awareness, that define our collective experiences. There is great unity in this diversity of human experiences with infinite beings that arise and subside in our awareness.

4. The Infinite Universe

Therefore, there is an infinite number of Universes that arise and subside in Consciousness. We can extrapolate on this further and say that there are u=0 to infinite universes that all exist in Consciousness.

So how can my limited faculty governed by my very primitive modes of knowing conditioned by societal narratives over eons of evolution ever comprehend this “awareness”? Therefore I submit to the premise that there is only “consciousness” in which all our modes of knowing and experiences are at play!


Transitive Property of Consciousness

If a= b and b=c then a=c

If Consciousness is the underlying human consciousness (a = human consciousness) and consciousness is underlying property of other beings (b = other beings) then we can extrapolate that Consciousness is the underlying transitive property that comprises all our collective experiences (c = collective consciousness).

So how do Conscious Beings Communicate and seem to interact?

In the human experience we experience it through SIFT, similarly other beings i.e. butterfly, dogs have their own version of SIFT. As a human we may find common ground when we see a flower “image” or when it comes to dogs we may communicate via “love”. Therefore, SIFT enables us to cross boundaries and engage in non-local communication across being(s).

Poonacha Machaiah